Overhead shot of a person's hands cradling a small plant in the ground


As well as being essential to life, food is a bedrock of culture, a determinant of health, a yardstick for equality, and a focus of hot debate. Its future, and ours, will be shaped by climate change, transformative technology, and human will.

A woman working in agriculture

A UBC researcher shares ideas and expertise on how we can help shape our future of food.

photo of a persona scooping green health powder into a jar.

Learn about gut health, how to eat to promote it, and the link between diet and medicine.

grain silos in yellow canola fields

A complex problem in need of a complex solution. It’s going to be tough, says UBC prof.

an illustration of an astronaut in space, surrounded by food

A UBC prof tackles the challenge of adequate nutrition for astronauts.

a collage showing a can of tomato sauce being poured over a landscape on Mars

Two food security experts explore how the first Mars colonists might feed themselves.

a photo of various fruits and vegetables

Diet and health are closely linked, but how does nutrition affect specific diseases?

An illustration of a woman watering a garden

The struggle for agricultural reform and food sovereignty.

an image of canned green beans

Innovative methods for preserving food are preventing spoilage and waste without sacrificing...

an archival photo of women tending a vegetable plot in a backyard

WWII food policy offers lessons for today.