A photograph of Vancouver taken from a helicopter above the Stanley Park area. It shows West Georgia Street, with False Creek and Science World at the end, and East Vancouver in the background.

There may be no such thing, but Vancouver has shown the world an admirable model.

Illustration of people enjoying a public park, with a city in the background

Communities are shaping their public spaces into social places.

An illustration of cities enclosed in bubbles

UBC researchers are helping us imagine a city where people feel more connected.

African women in shawls carrying empty containers queue up in desert

Poverty and inequality have resulted in unequal access to the Earth’s bounty.

Human left hand beside a robotic right hand

AI–generated text will soon be indistinguishable from that written by a person.

Reporters holding microphones and recorders near person speaking

A new group of vital contributors are shaping what journalism could and should do.

Women in red robes and white bonnets pray on steps in The Handmaid's Tale

Writers have explored how abortion becomes entangled with how we shape the future.

A woman sits looking out of a window at trees

Trees and green spaces are an antidote for the stressors of modern life. 

Photo of Sonja Thoma sitting on the beach.

Linguist Sonja Thoma is supporting the revitalization of Indigenous languages.

Journalist Anastasiia Lapatina in Ukraine

A 20-year-old political science student has been covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.