an illustration of an astronaut in space, surrounded by food

A UBC prof tackles the challenge of adequate nutrition for astronauts.

an image of canned green beans

Innovative methods for preserving food are preventing spoilage and waste without sacrificing...

One large whale, with one small whale, swimming in ocean

Propeller noise accounts for much of the underwater acoustic barrage from ships.

Headshot of Dolma Tsundu

Engineer devises a tool to protect pregnant women and their babies.

Sea life swimming near coral reef

The research team found that more diverse coral communities were most resilient.

Smiling doctor in room (facing a woman slightly off-camera) with monitor displaying brain scan images

UBC researchers are navigating what’s called “the last and grandest biological frontier.”

Human left hand beside a robotic right hand

AI–generated text will soon be indistinguishable from that written by a person.

Rocket taking off with cloud of exhaust

Mandating that leftover rockets are guided safely back to Earth could save lives.

Boy wearing VR headset while walking across illustration of mountains and valley

Using VR and AR for outdoor education can boost knowledge, access, and well-being.

An illustration of trees growing out of skyscrapers

UBC scientists take a leaf from nature’s book.