Kevin Leyton-Brown stands against a grey wall, wearing a dark blue suit.

A UBC prof is cautiously optimistic.

A person with short black hair and dark skin sits on a wall made of filled, upright sacks.

A tech-enabled strategy for beating poverty.

A headshot of Dr. Raymond Ng with dark green glasses, short black hair, and a blue collared shirt against a black backgroun.

Raymond Ng is using NLP to streamline complex processes and improve patient outcomes.

An illustration of two hands, with a string attached to each finger, puppeteering the inside of a person's head.

How do we make artificial intelligence accountable to the people who use it?

A graphic of a red satellite juxtaposed on a black-and-white photo of a planet
There are no easy answers, but satellite images and machine learning could help show us a way.
A smiling Mario holds an orange and blue robot to his chest against an orange background.

Researchers are exploring the pitfalls and potential of human-robot bonding.

A headshot of Dr. Teresa Tsang with black glasses, short brown hair, and a purple collared shirt.

Cardiologist Teresa Tsang is using AI to advance and democratize cardiac imaging in BC.

Conceptual illustration of a tram running alongside a lake
A feasibility plan introduces a 342-kilometre route linking Kamloops and Osoyoos.
An illustration composed of multiple graphics, including a purple-haired person looking at brain imagery, a person going into an MRI machine, a petri dish on a table, and a DNA strand.

Five UBC medical breakthroughs powered by AI.

Two women with face masks on working in a lab
UBC is adding new spaces over six years in technology-related programs.