Hogwarts Legacy game displayed on smartphone beside game controller
Online debates arose about anti-Semitic imagery and content in this Harry Potter game.
Two scientists in lab coats look at machine with large tubes
“Think Brita filter, but a thousand times better.”
Rows of plants growing in greenhouse
Companies are using heat from data centres to grow crops indoors — but there are issues.
The back of a human and a hologram of a robot, with both staring at a screen with projected text

A UBC psychology professor finds out the hard way.

One large whale, with one small whale, swimming in ocean
Propeller noise accounts for much of the underwater acoustic barrage from ships.
an illustration of an astronaut in space, surrounded by food

A UBC prof tackles the challenge of adequate nutrition for astronauts.

an image of canned green beans

Innovative methods for preserving food are preventing spoilage and waste without sacrificing...

Headshot of Dolma Tsundu

Engineer devises a tool to protect pregnant women and their babies.

Sea life swimming near coral reef
The research team found that more diverse coral communities were most resilient.
Smiling doctor in room (facing a woman slightly off-camera) with monitor displaying brain scan images
UBC researchers are navigating what’s called “the last and grandest biological frontier.”