Blue sign on gate states "Tsunami hazard zone"
How do we prepare for disasters like earthquakes while also responding to current crises?
Dr. Mohammad Arjmand in a lab
A UBCO prof and his team are exploring solutions to the world’s obsession with plastics.
A photoshoped lightbulb with leaves
UBC researchers on how a more sustainable life can be achievable for everyone.
One large whale, with one small whale, swimming in ocean
Propeller noise accounts for much of the underwater acoustic barrage from ships.
Two cars drive along highway winding through mountainous forest
An increasing amount of microplastics are ending up in lakes and streams.
grain silos in yellow canola fields

A complex problem in need of a complex solution. It’s going to be tough, says UBC prof.

An illustration of a woman watering a garden

The struggle for agricultural reform and food sovereignty.

an image of canned green beans

Innovative methods for preserving food are preventing spoilage and waste without sacrificing...

A turtle caught in plastic, swimming in the ocean
UBC researchers urge consumers to connect what we buy with what’s harming our oceans.
Helicopter flies over grey smoke arising from pine forest
Understanding the impact of wildfires is an important piece of the climate puzzle.