A photograph of Vancouver taken from a helicopter above the Stanley Park area. It shows West Georgia Street, with False Creek and Science World at the end, and East Vancouver in the background.

There may be no such thing, but Vancouver has shown the world an admirable model.

An illustration of wildlife and plants living by a seawall

Protection from floods and rising seas requires a collaborative relationship with nature.

An illustration of trees growing out of skyscrapers

UBC scientists take a leaf from nature’s book.

Sea life swimming near coral reef

The research team found that more diverse coral communities were most resilient.

Woman holding large bunch of plastic gloves above box filled with them

A UBC student project will divert 146 kilograms of plastic waste from landfills.

Three female friends with drinks around a table, including one in a wheelchair

For some disabled people, the flexible plastic straw is life-sustaining.

Boy wearing VR headset while walking across illustration of mountains and valley

Using VR and AR for outdoor education can boost knowledge, access, and well-being.

Airplane spraying a roadside in South Vietnam in 1966.

Landscape design has been used as a tool to achieve military objectives.

Vehicle drives along highway surrounded by smoke from forest fire

Here’s how families and communities can prepare for more extreme wildfire seasons.

Grizzly bear walks on a logging road in B.C. forest

Researchers have created the first global map of animal movement between protected areas.