Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring

UBC alumni Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring share what’s needed to tackle career barriers.

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To retain talent, managers need to buck the status quo and make staff wellbeing a priority.

UBC alumni in Asian pop music

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Apothékary founder Shizu Okusa

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Lessons on leadership from two women who went first

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UBC alum and entrepreneur Mike Quinn discovers how to draw strength from messing up.

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Commit to learning every day.

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Young workers are nimble, connected, and redefining employment relationships on their terms.

An artificially intelligent floor-cleaning robot at work on UBC’s Vancouver campus.
Leveraging their uniquely human qualities will give workers the edge in a high-tech future.
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A UBC film prof's new documentary offers a glimpse into a dystopian digital economy.