Upward look at series of apartments with balconies at two neighbouring buildings

One of the most controversial tactics used to address affordability is rent control.

Photo by Camilla Carvalho / Unsplash

Here’s how men can find healthy ways to recover from a partner-initiated breakup.

The Great Canadian Baking Show winner Lauren Tjoe in a kitchen

A UBC Bachelor of Commerce student won Season 6 of the CBC television series.

A turtle caught in plastic, swimming in the ocean

UBC researchers urge consumers to connect what we buy with what’s harming our oceans.

African women in shawls carrying empty containers queue up in desert

Poverty and inequality have resulted in unequal access to the Earth’s bounty.

Three female friends with drinks around a table, including one in a wheelchair

For some disabled people, the flexible plastic straw is life-sustaining.

Several people cycling down street beside bus

Cycling could offer public officials a way to address convergent crises.

Black and white photo of Dr. Nelly Auersperg seated at a desk with microscope

Congratulations to Dr. Nelly Auersperg, the recipient of the 2022 Great Trekker Award.

Poke bowl

UBC researchers examined 362 Vancouver restaurant menus from 1880 to 2021.

Grapes on a vine in a dried-out vineyard

Droughts, excessive temperatures, and smoke are all affecting global wine production.