Headshot of Jeremy smiling

Advance your career with ChatGPT

Learn to combine human creativity with AI assistance to boost your job hunt.

Dr. Nika Shakiba smiling against a yellow background.

Using cells to improve health

Learn about the promising future of cell therapies, regenerative medicine, and our health.

Pasima Sule in a blue blazer

Using cultural intelligence at work

Everything you need to know about cross-cultural interactions in the professional world.

A woman working in agriculture

Feeding the world sustainably

A UBC researcher shares ideas and expertise on how we can help shape our future of food.

Photo of parents sitting on a couch watching their children

TELUS Wise Happiness Workshop: Healthy digital lives

How you can ensure your own resiliency and wellbeing in our increasingly connected world.

Elena Giorgetti in a yellow sweater against a grey background.

Ace that interview

Learn interviewing skills to boost your chances of landing that job you really want.

Suzanne Simard against a yellow background.

Fostering resilient forests

Learn about natural solutions for ensuring a healthy future for our forests and ourselves.

Indigenous youth on a field trip

Indigenous youth: Nurturing the next generation

Three Indigenous speakers and mentors share their wisdom.

Two kids playing on a cellphone and ipad.

Connecting online safely

Learn how youths can develop healthier approaches to social media, cyberbullying and more.

Two young adults chatting and sitting on a set of concrete stairs on a sunny day

Navigating imposter syndrome as a newbie

How to tackle this common feeling when it arises, whether in your academic or career journey.

Photo of Dr.  Azim Shariff against a white and yellow animated background

Mapping out modern morality

How do we apply morality to emerging or unprecedented situations? Find out from a UBC prof.

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International Women’s Day: Embrace equity

Find out the importance of allyship and inclusion in the workplace.