Illustration of downtown Vancouver with trees in the foreground

Urban tree trouble: Insights from Stanley Park

Learn how urban foresters are managing green spaces facing climate change and other pressures.

Actualize your dream career abroad

Hear the honest truths about relocating, adapting, and working abroad.
A family having fun at the beach

My financial life: Build life insurance into your financial blueprint

Two Manulife financial experts demystify protecting your family with life insurance.
Headshots of speakers Adrienne Tom and Sarah Johnston

Razzmatazz your résumé

Craft a résumé that dazzles, with tips from two job search experts.
Side profile of a person with graphic elements (connected lines and dots) evoking web interconnectivity

Integrating human rights with the AI era

A UBCO expert dives into why it’s vital to ensure AI advancements harmonize with our values.
A headshot of Adel Gamar wearing a collared shirt and suit is imposed on top of an abstract background with blue and white shapes.

Anchor your leadership in adaptability

How leaders can learn to thrive amid demanding and unpredictable situations.
A black and white headshot of Dr. Danielle Barkley, who has shoulder length hair and is wearing a collared shirt, is placed over an abstract blue background.

Negotiate your salary with confidence

How to articulate and assert the values you bring to the table.
A person with black glasses and a red cardigan looks at a laptop.

Financial foundations: Navigating post-university life with confidence

Learn practical tips and skills for achieving financial independence.
Three side-by-side portraits of Gen Z members

Build the future with Gen Z

What you need to know about working with the future third of the global workforce.
Two people look over a document together.  The person on the right wears black glasses.  The person on the left has a laptop open.

My financial life: How to build wealth

Demystify the realm of finance with two savvy fiscal wizards.
Headshot of Jennifer Wong wearing a black collared shirt over a blue background

International Women’s Day 2024: Aritzia CEO Jennifer Wong

From shoe buyer to company CEO, hear about Jennifer Wong's meteoric rise through Aritzia.
Green finance-related graphics, such as a wallet and a cheque book, surround the words: Intro to Money Management.

Introduction to money management

Brush up on the basics of personal finance to secure your fiscal future.