An illustration of cities enclosed in bubbles

UBC researchers are helping us imagine a city where people feel more connected.

Legs of hockey players and referee on ice as puck drops

Cultural and systemic factors affect professional men’s ice-hockey players seeking help.

Smiling doctor in room (facing a woman slightly off-camera) with monitor displaying brain scan images

UBC researchers are navigating what’s called “the last and grandest biological frontier.”

VH Ab6 antibody fragment attaches to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to block virus from binding with human ACE2 cell receptor

Neutralizing antibodies can target the weakness, paving the way for treatments.

Girl sits in a clinic watching healthcare worker apply band-aid to her shoulder

A UBC pediatrics prof answers questions for parents seeking vaccination information.

Young woman sitting against wall on hallway floor with hand on head and holding smartphone

Crisis text lines appear to be a promising way of providing support.

Patient in hospital with IV tube attached to hand holds pregnant stomach

Pregnant people of minoritized racial identities experience more pressure from providers.

Cat stands alert on concrete wall in yard

Free-roaming domestic animals can transfer infectious parasites and diseases like rabies.

A nurse giving a shot to a patient.

Dr. Horacio Bach discusses vaccination against the latest variants of SARS-CoV-2. 

Blurred health care worker with patient on gurney in hall near hospital elevator

The pandemic has exacerbated high levels of errors and mistreatment in health care.