A headshot of Dr. Raymond Ng with dark green glasses, short black hair, and a blue collared shirt against a black backgroun.

Raymond Ng is using NLP to streamline complex processes and improve patient outcomes.

A headshot of Dr. Teresa Tsang with black glasses, short brown hair, and a purple collared shirt.

Cardiologist Teresa Tsang is using AI to advance and democratize cardiac imaging in BC.

Audience facing stage amid confetti and lights at concert
Prolonged exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage.
An illustration composed of multiple graphics, including a purple-haired person looking at brain imagery, a person going into an MRI machine, a petri dish on a table, and a DNA strand.

Five UBC medical breakthroughs powered by AI.

James Lim standing in a lab
A UBC research team is helping to bring new hope to children battling hard-to-treat cancers.
Woman in suit stands in gym with exercise machines
Small Steps for Big Changes is available in Portugal and will be launched in Australia.
Youths bouncing basketballs on a court in a gym
Overstating the benefits of sports risks obscuring systemic problems.
Row of industrial fans in a building
Airflow dynamics are as vital as the volume of airflow.
Shot of Dr. Lesley Lutes starting at camera, seated in a chair
Dr. Lesley Lutes envisions a future where everyone can access psychological care when needed.
Fingers holding chip technology with blue and red dots and lines
Organ model technologies can help address the challenges of drug development.