Decolonizing mental health

In this webinar, UBC's Dr. Cash Ahenakew shares valuable insights about the vital subject of supporting Indigenous mental health and well-being. Dr. Ahenakew, who is the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-Being, explores the complexities and relationships among the various levels of trauma that Indigenous peoples and communities experience in western-based societies.

Watch this transformative talk to learn how we can decolonize health-related research and practices while rejuvenating Indigenous health practices. Dr. Ahenakew shares approaches and appropriate practices to address this from individual and community perspectives including traditional practices, as well as comparisons between western diagnostics and traditional practices. He also delivers a short neuro-decolonization mindfulness type of practice with the audience, shares resources about Indigenous mental health and wellness, and teaches others how to engage in a caring and respectful way with Indigenous people.

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Lerato Chondoma (she/her) — Associate Director, Indigenous Research Support Initiative (IRSI)


Dr. Cash Ahenakew (he/him/his) — Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People’s Well-Being and Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Education

Recommendations for Further Reading & Information Referenced During the Webinar:


Recorded October 17, 2023.