Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring

UBC alumni Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring share what’s needed to tackle career barriers.

Fingers typing on a keyboard with emojis popping up

Social proximity plays a role in how consumers respond to negative reviews.

Hand holding smartphone with app open

Gig industry platforms fail to acknowledge the realities of women workers’ experiences.

Headshot of Pooja.

A new device is helping to make the world more accessible for people with disabilities.

Apothékary founder Shizu Okusa

From Wall Street to wellness, a UBC alum takes on challenges with an innovative approach.

Ratana and Arran Stephens of Nature's Path

A groundbreaking Vancouver couple helped nurture vegetarian and organic markets in Canada.

Black woman leading business meeting

A UBC study finds stereotypes about Black women create disadvantages in the workplace.

Entrepreneur Mike Quinn with a top Zoona agent in Malawi

UBC alum and entrepreneur Mike Quinn discovers how to draw strength from messing up.

A picture of Kookai Chaimahawong, smiling, against an orange background.

Young workers are nimble, connected, and redefining employment relationships on their terms.

An artificially intelligent floor-cleaning robot at work on UBC’s Vancouver campus.
Leveraging their uniquely human qualities will give workers the edge in a high-tech future.