Legs of hockey players and referee on ice as puck drops

Cultural and systemic factors affect professional men’s ice-hockey players seeking help.

Several people cycling down street beside bus

Cycling could offer public officials a way to address convergent crises.

Golfer hitting ball on golf course at competition

In sportwashing, sports are used to distract from social or environmental problems.

Close-up shot of a UBC hockey player wearing the high-tech mouthguard showing UBC Thunderbirds logo

A UBC concussion study could pave the way for safer hockey.

Jama Mahlalela, BHK’04, was part of the team behind the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals win.


Peggy Assinck conducts research on spinal cord injury, which she herself sustained.

Could a computer programmer prove the most valuable player?

Thunderbirds say adieu to the old Aquatic Centre and UBC says hello to a new facility.

The Canadian Olympic Committee president believes in transformative amateur athletics.

The Thunderbird from Aboriginal mythology is a potent symbol for UBC’s sports teams.