My financial life: Build life insurance into your financial blueprint

How secure is your family’s future?

Major life events often prompt us to consider life insurance. But determining what you need and when can be bewildering. Do you need term insurance? Or whole life? How can you decide what’s the right coverage for you?

In our third My Financial Life webinar about financial literacy, we examine the role of life insurance in your financial plan. Our partners from Manulife demystify its complexities so that you’re better equipped to understand your own needs during decision-making. Watch this webinar to figure out how you can ensure your loved ones remain taken care of — no matter what happens.

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Heather Jajic (she/her) — Licensed Insurance Advisor, Manulife Insurance

Carmelina Manno (she/her) — National Director of Partnership and Business Development, Manulife Insurance

Recorded May 15, 2024.