Integrating human rights with the AI era

Are you excited about the rise of artificial intelligence? Or are you worried about AI taking over? Dive into the moral and ethical aspects of AI by watching this webinar, which showcases UBC Okanagan Professor Wendy H. Wong, a political scientist examining how disruptive technology is affecting global issues. As the author of the prestigiously lauded We, the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age, Wong shares her insights about crucial concerns ranging from personal data collection to societal impacts. Find out from this expert why it’s important to ensure AI advancements harmonize with our values.  

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Kathryn Gretsinger, MJ’06 — Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Journalism, Writing, and Media


Dr. Wendy H. Wong (she/her/hers) — Professor of Political Science and Principal’s Research Chair, UBC’s Okanagan campus

Recorded April 30, 2024.