When food becomes medicine

In recent years, scientists have recognized the important role that the human microbiome — the colony of microorganisms in and on our bodies — plays in determining health and disease. In turn, diet is a significant factor that influences gut health. While we know that certain foods are good for us while others are detrimental, what’s the science behind this dietary wisdom?

At this webinar, find out the answer from UBC experts, who share their research insights about gut health, how our digestive system impacts human health, how to eat to promote gut health, and how food can be viewed as medicine.

This webinar is part of The University of British Columbia Magazine’s SPOTLIGHT on The Future of Food.

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  • Sean Thorne (he/him) – UBC Student, Arts (International Relations), 5th Year


  • Dr. Larissa Celiberto, PhD’19 (she/her) – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Vallance Lab, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
  • Dr. Deanna Gibson (she/her) – Associate Professor and Associate Head of Research, Department of Biology, I.K. Barber Faculty of Science; Associate Member of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
  • Desiree Nielsen, BSc (FNH)’06 (she/her) – Registered dietitian and author


Recorded February 28, 2023.