Immigrants land in Greece.


Who Belongs?

With today’s polarized politics, people may not agree on the terminology – immigrants? refugees? invaders? – but there’s little doubt that migration is reshaping the world.

Illustration: Federico Gastaldi
In a post-COVID world, UBC legal research may help explore a once-unexamined Canada-US border.
Illustration by Gracia Lam
Danny Ramadan, MFA’20, is an award-winning novelist, speaker, and LGBTQ-refugee activist.
Illustration: Fernando Volken Togni
UBC’s Global Reporting Centre steps away from typical "parachute journalism" to empower locals.
Illustration: DAQ
Global sociologist uncovers the forces at play behind land dispossession in Latin America.
The Lee family sitting down for dinner. Albert Lee, Saint Mary’s University, Gorsebrook Research Institute, GRI_134 (1958)
A new exhibit on Chinese immigration and BC highlights belonging, racism, and resilience.
BETWEEN BORDERS: When one in every 110 people on Earth has been forced to flee, some nations respond with barriers, like “the wall” between the United States and Mexico. Photo: Getty Images, Hector Mata
The factors behind negative receptions of immigrants, and how to promote peaceful societies.
Illustration by Gracia Lam
The Atlantic named a short story collection by Doretta Lau as one of 2014’s best books.