Fall 2022

grain silos in yellow canola fields

A complex problem in need of a complex solution. It’s going to be tough, says UBC prof.

an illustration of an astronaut in space, surrounded by food

A UBC prof tackles the challenge of adequate nutrition for astronauts.

a collage showing a can of tomato sauce being poured over a landscape on Mars

Two food security experts explore how the first Mars colonists might feed themselves.

Photo of bbno$

Fun, food, and fulfilment.

Headshot of Catherine Ducharme smiling against a blue wall.

How to be a savvy networker.

a photo of various fruits and vegetables

Diet and health are closely linked, but how does nutrition affect specific diseases?

A pink question bubble graphic with two people sitting on the oval part of it.

Developing emotional competencies improves well-being and workplace performance.

An illustration of a woman watering a garden

The struggle for agricultural reform and food sovereignty.

an image of canned green beans

Innovative methods for preserving food are preventing spoilage and waste without sacrificing...