Risky genes: Uncovering the genetic basis of breast and ovarian cancers

Episode 12

Hosts: Carol Eugene Park & Jeevan Sangha
Carol Eugene Park and Jeevan Sangha

Join Carol and Jeevan as they explore advances in cancer detection and prevention with UBC alum Dr. Steven Narod (BSc’75, MD’79), a leading expert in breast and ovarian cancer genetics research. Dr. Narod was among a team of researchers in the 1990s who made the groundbreaking discovery of BRCA1 and BRCA2 — two genes which, in mutated form, are closely linked to breast and ovarian cancers. Learn more about Dr. Narod’s research over the past three decades, including how he and his team have made genetic testing more accessible for Canadians via The Screen Project.

Dr. Narod is also this year’s distinguished recipient of the Research and Innovation Award from alumni UBC.

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