From Here Forward: Trailer

Hosts: Rumneek Johal & Carol Eugene Park
From Here Forward

From Here Forward shares stories and ideas about amazing things UBC and its alumni are doing around the world. It covers people and places, truths, science, art and accomplishments with the view that sharing better inspires better. Join hosts Carol Eugene Park and Rumneek Johal, both UBC School of Journalism grads, in exploring solutions for the negative stuff out there – focussing on the good for a change, from here forward.

Other Episodes in this Series

Carol and Rumneek speak with Dr. Greg Dipple, a professor of Geological Sciences at UBC. His company is a recent winner of the $1 Million X Prize backed by the Elon Musk Foundation, funding breakthroughs on the world’s most pressing problems. Learn about his approach that uses mining waste for carbon capture.