Photo of Dr.  Azim Shariff against a white and yellow animated background

Mapping out modern morality

How do we apply morality to emerging or unprecedented situations? Find out from a UBC prof.

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International Women’s Day: Embrace equity

Find out the importance of allyship and inclusion in the workplace.

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Make more happiness

Learn how your everyday choices about time, money, and technology can cultivate happiness.

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MEDTalks: Ensuring healthy aging

Learn about different approaches to increasing and promoting healthy aging.

photo of a persona scooping green health powder into a jar.

When food becomes medicine

Learn about gut health, how to eat to promote it, and the link between diet and medicine.

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Preventing online harm

This webinar covers cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, and other online threats.

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Powering a sustainable future

How we can create a stable supply chain, ensure energy security, and more.

Dr Mary Jung against a white and yellow background

Empowering diabetes prevention

Dr. Mary Jung discusses a local diabetes prevention program that’s making a big difference.

Headshot of Charina Cruz

Rebuilding your work boundaries

A career coach shares strategies for integrating your work and personal life.

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The Power of Community, Powered by PechaKucha

Meet UBC alumni making waves through community and collaboration.

Headshot of Kevin Lee smiling in a suit and tie.

Developing desirable workplaces

What could, and should, the future of work look like? 

A group of five people cooking together in a kitchen.

alumNIGHTS: Simplifying holiday hosting

Learn how to streamline your party duties this season so you can focus on what matters most.

Headshot of Molly Edge.

Boost leadership with coaching skills

Explore how to increase your leadership impact while empowering others to do the same.

Two girls holding hands up to the sun.

Happier cities: What’s the secret?

UBC experts discuss their research on how to cultivate happiness in urban environments.

Headshot of Ioana Birleanu smiling.

Building back from burnout

Watch this webinar to find out how to take your work-life balance back into your own hands.

A city street with the sun shining through

Making cities equitable and inclusive

Experts discuss fixes for the social and economic problems that come with growing cities.

Headshot of Natasha Jeshani

Crack the job market

Bolster your chances of scoring that dream job by watching this webinar.

Headshot of Dr. Mirmosadegh Jamali

Conquer life with creativity

Anyone can learn how to be innovative — and use that ability to overcome everyday challenges.

Zoomed out photo of Earth against the galaxy.

Getting serious about climate change: How business must step up

What is the role of business and the private sector in fighting climate change?

Headshot of Laura Dowling.

Make your career move

Considering a new position? Here are some practical tips from a UBC alum and executive coach.

Photo of a crowd.

What is the impact of the war in Ukraine?

UBC experts discuss the geopolitical and economic consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Headshot of Isabeau Iqbal.

Knowing your worth at work

Explore how to cultivate a sense of value, without relying on external recognition and praise.

Headshots of new UBC professors.

Research horizons: What now, what next?

UBC's University Killam Professors share their research on sustainability, literacy and more.

Headshots of Andrea Lloyd and Pranav Menon side by side with a starship graphic in the middle of them.

Think like an entrepreneur

Learn the skills of an entrepreneurial mindset and how to develop them for work and elsewhere.