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Championing climate-resilient BC winemaking

Learn how innovation and research can ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for BC wine.
Laura Dowling, BA’09, MSc, ECPC, PCC (she/hers) — Principal Consultant and Leadership Coach, LD Performance Consulting  Nikola Girke, BHK’99, PCC, CEC, OLY (she/her/hers) — Professional Performance and Executive Coach, Own Your Podium

Empower your career with Emotional Intelligence

Learn how developing EQ can increase your potential and success in work and life.
Three alumni UBC career coaches

Clarify your career with a coach approach

Learn how you can level up your workplace skills and move from stuck to unstuck.

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Decolonizing mental health

Learn how we can decolonize health-related research and practices.

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Forge ahead through career uncertainty

Discover actionable steps for moving forward in your career.

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Tapping into daydreaming

Learn how unplugging can build healthier brains and benefit our overall wellbeing.

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Find an intentional career

Learn how to take proactive steps towards reaching a fulfilling and intentional career.

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Be your own advocate

Tips for finding the right assertiveness to best position yourself for success at work.

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Protecting free tweets: Taking back freedom of expression in Canada's 'Town Square'

Listen to this conversation about the lawsuit and recent controversies surrounding Twitter. 

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Thrive at work with Emotional Intelligence

Learn 10 critical skills for relationship success.

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Revitalizing Indigenous language

How we can ensure encouraging futures for Indigenous languages, cultures, and people?

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Advance your career with ChatGPT

Learn to combine human creativity with AI assistance to boost your job hunt.

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Using cells to improve health

Learn about the promising future of cell therapies, regenerative medicine, and our health.

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Using cultural intelligence at work

Everything you need to know about cross-cultural interactions in the professional world.

A woman working in agriculture

Feeding the world sustainably

A UBC researcher shares ideas and expertise on how we can help shape our future of food.

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TELUS Wise Happiness Workshop: Healthy digital lives

How you can ensure your own resiliency and wellbeing in our increasingly connected world.

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Ace that interview

Learn interviewing skills to boost your chances of landing that job you really want.

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Fostering resilient forests

Learn about natural solutions for ensuring a healthy future for our forests and ourselves.

Indigenous youth on a field trip

Indigenous youth: Nurturing the next generation

Three Indigenous speakers and mentors share their wisdom.

Two kids playing on a cellphone and ipad.

Connecting online safely

Learn how youths can develop healthier approaches to social media, cyberbullying and more.

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Navigating imposter syndrome as a newbie

How to tackle this common feeling when it arises, whether in your academic or career journey.

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Mapping out modern morality

How do we apply morality to emerging or unprecedented situations? Find out from a UBC prof.

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International Women’s Day: Embrace equity

Find out the importance of allyship and inclusion in the workplace.

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Make more happiness

Learn how your everyday choices about time, money, and technology can cultivate happiness.