Razzmatazz your résumé

Even in this era of rapid technological change and job search websites, the résumé remains essential for job applications. Yet the endless advice and options for how to present them can be dizzying and overwhelming!

Need help cutting through the confusion? Watch this webinar to hear from two LinkedIn Top Voices in Job Search and Careers who use their résumé-writing expertise to dispel myths and clarify current approaches to crafting traditional and executive CVs. Gain an edge in the competitive job market by learning how to format your qualifications in an effective way that resonates with employers.

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Sarah Johnston (she/her) — CEO, Briefcase Coach

Adrienne Tom (she/her) — Founder and Chief Résumé Writer, Career Impressions


Rob Kim, BSc’98, BEd’00, MET’08 (he/him/his) — Manager, Alumni Career Education, alumni UBC

Recorded May 9, 2024.