Actualize your dream career abroad

Are you wondering about working in another country? From cross-cultural adventures to unexpected career opportunities, tantalizing reasons abound for making that leap. But what are the honest truths about relocating, adapting, and working abroad? Watch this webcast to hear individuals from the UBC community offer some real talk about the benefits and challenges they experienced as expatriates.

Whether you’re merely fantasizing about it or already packing your bags, this conversation will provide practical strategies to help you determine how to make that life-changing move and develop a career that expands beyond borders.

Did you graduate from UBC?


Hailey Craig, BA’20 (she/her/hers) — Audience Researcher, The National Gallery (London, UK)

Dominique Gelineau (she/her) — Product Manager, ESL FACEIT Group

Alexander Leung, MM’12 (he/him) — Account Director, Popcorn Digital Agency


Rob Kim, BSc’98, BEd’00, MET’08 (he/him/his) — Manager, Alumni Career Education, alumni UBC

Recorded June 4, 2024.