Classics, critters, and capers

(Answers below)

1. In January of 2022, UBC Library acquired a Shakespeare First Folio. Which of the following plays would have been lost, were it not for this book?

A) A Midsummer Night’s Dream
B) Macbeth
C) Much Ado About Nothing
D) Othello


2. Which vehicle do students pass every day on Main Mall?

A) A 1960s Volkswagen van
B) A 1910 Ford Model T car
C) A 19th century horse-drawn carriage
D) A broken-down yellow school bus


3. Which kitchen utensil ran for AMS president in 2022?

A) A spoon
B) A spaghetti strainer
C) A pan
D) A decanter


4. In March 1956, engineering students dunked AMS president Ron Bray into…

A) ... the Pacific Ocean (at Wreck Beach)
B) ... the outdoor swimming pool
C) ... the lilypond outside Main Library
D) ... a bathtub in Fort Camp residences


5. Which animal has been spotted around the Vancouver campus, in recent months?

A) Carlos the Raccoon
B) Daisy the Crow
C) Kip the Coyote
D) Cyril the Squirrel


6. Cecil Green Park House, a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean that was the former home of alumni UBC, is named after UBC alum Cecil Green. Which famous tech company did he found?

A) Nokia
B) Texas Instruments
C) Blackberry
D) Oracle

1: B) Macbeth
Compiled by Shakespeare’s actors and friends and published in 1623, the First Folio contains the first published edition of Macbeth. The other three plays were published earlier as individual quartos, when Shakespeare was still alive.

2: C) Horse-drawn carriage
Rodney Graham’s art installation, Millennial Time Machine, is a 19th century carriage that has been converted into a camera obscura.

3: C) A pan
The pan (with a human “interpreter”) ran as a joke candidate for student president and even made it to the final debate stage.

4: C) The lilypond
According to the Ubyssey, engineers waited until dark to dunk Bray in the library pond. The following year, the paper reported that outgoing student councillors had their revenge by dunking new Engineering Undergraduate Society president Russ Fraser. But it’s doubtful that was the end of it.

5: C) Kip the Coyote
This beautiful creature has become a campus celebrity. Recognizable because of his limp, Kip was born in late 2020, hunts squirrels, and even has his own Instagram account.

6: B) Texas Instruments
Green founded the famous electrical engineering company, won prestigious awards in geophysics, and started three Green Colleges: one in Oxford, one in Texas, and one at UBC.