Take the UBC Quiz

A non-credit test of your UBC smarts.

1. Which former prime minister was hit with a pie in the face on a visit to UBC?
A) Stephen Harper 
B) Joe Clark
C) John Diefenbaker
D) Pierre Trudeau

2. Which superhero spinoff show was filmed on the UBC campus?
A) The Flash 
B) Daredevil
C) Smallville
D) Supergirl

3. Which actor from 2013’s The Hobbit attended UBC?
A) Benedict Cumberbatch
B) Evangeline Lily
C) Orlando Bloom
D) Ian McKellen 

4. Which famous couple has visited UBC Okanagan?
A) Harry and Meghan
B) Kim and Kanye 
C) William and Kate
D) Justin and Sophie

5. Which sport is represented by a UBC Thunderbirds team?
A) skateboarding 
B) quidditch
C) squash
D) ice yachting

6. Who named the Pit Pub?
A) Walter Gage 
B) Kim Campbell
C) Rick Hansen
D) David Suzuki

7. The UBC library owns a rare copy of the “most beautiful of all printed books.” Its author is…
A) William Blake 
B) Geoffrey Chaucer
C) Homer
D) John Milton

8. The UBC library owns a collection of letters written by…
A) Albert Einstein 
B) Sigmund Freud
C) Charles Darwin
D) Ernest Hemingway

9. UBC has hosted which (current or former) head of state?
A) Barack Obama
B) Pope Francis
C) Queen Elizabeth II
D) Emmanuel Macron 

10. The Museum of Anthropology is built on top of…
A) a buried treasure
B) a Cold War bunker
C) the ruins of another museum
D) World War II artillery batteries 

11. UBC has a club for…
A) soapmaking
B) sewing and knitting
C) calligraphy 
D) war re-enactments

12. Which of the following is not a program available at UBC?
A) cognitive systems 
B) criminology
C) medieval studies
D) museum studies

13. Which UBC alumnus has spoken at UBC Okanagan?
A) Justin Trudeau 
B) David Suzuki
C) Chris Hadfield
D) all of the above

14. In 2001, UBC Engineering students…
A) hacked the scoreboard at a Thunderbirds football game
B) graffitied the Buchanan building
C) rode horses down Main Mall
D) suspended a Volkswagen Beetle from the Golden Gate Bridge 

15. The UBC campus has a replica of which famous statue?
A) the Statue of Liberty
B) The Goddess of Democracy 
C) A-maze-ing Laughter
D) Christ the Redeemer

16. When Jerry Rubin stirred up a hippie revolution at UBC in 1968, students…
A) brought guitars to class and sang “Strawberry Fields”
B) started Vancouver’s first medicinal marijuana dispensary on campus
C) staged a love-in on the grassy knoll 
D: skinny-dipped in the Faculty Club pool

17. Before Thunderbirds, what was the original name for UBC sports teams?
A) Seagulls
B) Suns 
C) Ravens
D) Trekkers

18. Which UBC building went up in flames in 1954?
A) Chemistry Building
B) Main Library
C) Iona Building
D) Brock Hall 

19. Which school, founded in 1906, was a predecessor to UBC?
A) Vancouver University
B) Fairview College of Vancouver
C) McGill University College of B.C. 
D) Vanier College

20. The UBC Okanagan athletic teams are called the…
A) Suns 
B) Sun Devils
C) Rays
D) Heat

1. B: Joe Clark

After giving a speech to 1000 students at the SUB, Conservative leader and future prime minister Joe Clark was hit in the face with a coconut cream pie. The pie was thrown by Brent Taylor, a UBC student and a member of the “New Questioning Coyote Brigade.”

2. C. Smallville

After giving a speech to 1000 students at the SUB, Conservative leader and future prime minister Joe Clark was hit in the face with a coconut cream pie. The pie was thrown by Brent Taylor, a UBC student and a member of the “New Questioning Coyote Brigade.”

3. B: Evangeline Lily

The star of The Hobbit and Ant-Man and the Wasp was raised in British Columbia and majored in international relations at UBC.

4. C: William and Kate

In 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dedicated an Indigenous art installation at UBC Okanagan and attended a women’s volleyball game.

5. B: Quidditch

The UBC quidditch team is co-ed and competes with other teams from across Canada and the northwestern United States. The sport is inspired by quidditch from the Harry Potter series, and blends elements of rugby, dodgeball, handball, and flag football.

6. B: Kim Campbell

In 1968, UBC student David Suzuki wrote an article titled “What This Campus Needs is a Pub.” A month later, the Pit was born, and was christened by Suzuki himself.

7. B: Geoffrey Chaucer

The Kemscott Chaucer, a beautiful 1896 edition of the English poet’s complete works, was purchased by the UBC library in 2016 for $202,000 USD. The rare book is one of just 438 copies in the world and can be seen at the Rare Books and Special Collections Reading Room in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

8. C: Charles Darwin

The UBC Woodward Library has two collections of letters written by and to Charles Darwin. The letters describe work Darwin did on the digestive powers of insect-eating plants as well as his development of a broader “natural history” of the world.

9. C: Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen has actually visited UBC four times, in 1951, 1959, 1983, and 2002. Her most recent visit was part of the golden jubilee, celebrating her 50-year reign.

10. D: World War II artillery batteries

The foundations for the museum were originally built for an artillery battery designed to defend Vancouver’s coastline against a potential Japanese attack during the Second World War. The sculpture of the Raven and the First Men sits exactly where an MK7 gun once did.

11. B: sewing and knitting

Sewing and Knitting Club meets twice a week, and members are invited to experiment with sewing, knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching in a laid-back environment.

12. B: criminology

SFU, not UBC, is known for its School of Criminology, the largest such school in Canada.

13. D: all of the above

All three distinguished alumni have spoken at the Okanagan campus.

14. D: suspended a Volkswagen Beetle from the Golden Gate Bridge.

At 3:40 A.M. on Feb. 5, 2001, Engineering students hung a 1970s vintage VW bug from the famous bridge. A Canadian flag was painted on one side and the Engineering “E” on the other.

15. B: The Goddess of Democracy

Located on campus near the Life Building, the statue is a smaller replica of the 10-metre tall paper-mâché statue built by students and later destroyed during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

16. D: skinny-dipped in the Faculty Club pool

When hippie radical Jerry Rubin urged UBC students to “liberate something,” the students broke into the faculty-only club, raided the liquor cabinets and stripped down for a swim in the pool.

17. A: Seagulls

Chosen in 1933 by ballot-vote, “Seagulls” wasn’t a popular name for long, and just months later the Ubyssey held another vote. This time, “Thunderbirds” won convincingly, followed by “Golden Eagles” and “Grizzlies.” Fewer than fifty votes came in for “Seagulls.”

18. D: Brock Hall

After fire severely damaged Brock Hall, which was at the time the student union building, the AMS immediately started a fund that raised $400,000 to “Rebuild the Brock.” The CiTR radio studio had to be rebuilt, and within six months the whole building reopened.

19. D: Vanier College

Known as “McGill BC,” the first provincial university was actually a satellite campus of McGill University, located in Montreal. The college lasted for nine years and provided graduating students with McGill degrees.

20. D: Heat

In 2009, the “UBC Okanagan Heat” succeeded the “Okanagan Lakers,” which was the original name of a joint team made up of students from Okanagan College and UBC Okanagan.