An illustration composed of multiple graphics, including webpages, a phone, a satellite, animals, eyes, and the words 'AI for Social Good'.



AI for Social Good

AI is already deeply embedded in our lives, its rapid advancement stoked largely by commercial interests. Now relatively inexpensive to deploy, this potent technology is increasingly being applied to non-profit initiatives that have human wellbeing at heart, and to finding solutions for some of the most intractable problems facing our world.

Kevin Leyton-Brown stands against a grey wall, wearing a dark blue suit.

A UBC prof is cautiously optimistic.

A person with short black hair and dark skin sits on a wall made of filled, upright sacks.

A tech-enabled strategy for beating poverty.

A headshot of Dr. Raymond Ng with dark green glasses, short black hair, and a blue collared shirt against a black backgroun.

Raymond Ng is using NLP to streamline complex processes and improve patient outcomes.

An illustration of two hands, with a string attached to each finger, puppeteering the inside of a person's head.

How do we make artificial intelligence accountable to the people who use it?

A graphic of a red satellite juxtaposed on a black-and-white photo of a planet
There are no easy answers, but scientists are using machine learning to convert the vast
A smiling Mario holds an orange and blue robot to his chest against an orange background.

Researchers are exploring the pitfalls and potential of human-robot bonding.

A headshot of Dr. Teresa Tsang with black glasses, short brown hair, and a purple collared shirt.

Cardiologist Teresa Tsang is using AI to advance and democratize cardiac imaging in BC.

An illustration composed of multiple graphics, including a purple-haired person looking at brain imagery, a person going into an MRI machine, a petri dish on a table, and a DNA strand.

Five UBC medical breakthroughs powered by AI.

Side profile of a person with graphic elements (connected lines and dots) evoking web interconnectivity
A UBCO expert dives into why it’s vital to ensure AI advancements harmonize with our values.