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Integrating human rights with the AI era

A UBCO expert dives into why it’s vital to ensure AI advancements harmonize with our values.
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Protecting free tweets: Taking back freedom of expression in Canada's 'Town Square'

Listen to this conversation about the lawsuit and recent controversies surrounding Twitter. 

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Revitalizing Indigenous language

How we can ensure encouraging futures for Indigenous languages, cultures, and people?

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Mapping out modern morality

How do we apply morality to emerging or unprecedented situations? Find out from a UBC prof.

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What is the impact of the war in Ukraine?

UBC experts discuss the geopolitical and economic consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Research horizons: What now, what next?

UBC's University Killam Professors share their research on sustainability, literacy and more.

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Examining anti-Blackness and anti-Black racism

UBC alumni share their experiences and discuss our roles in dismantling oppressive systems.