Research horizons: What now, what next?

The past two years have left us eager for insights into what our futures could hold.

In this webcast, UBC’s six newest University Killam Professors share their unique glimpse into the future of their research and why the questions they’re asking are important for us all. Discover what’s inspiring these leading thinkers in diverse areas spanning physical rehabilitation, history, biomonitoring and age dating, multilingual literacy, ocean sustainability, and evolutionary biology.

Recognized for their outstanding research and teaching careers to date with the highest honour that UBC can bestow on its faculty, the University Killam Professors address compelling questions, including:

  • Will new technologies and digital health approaches adopted during the pandemic transform how patients recover from stroke?
  • Can we understand the emotions behind the past decisions of our bureaucrats, and should it change how we assess the history of government activities?
  • How can a global storytelling initiative contribute to decolonization?
  • Which new species are rapidly arising? And why do they sometimes disappear in an instant?
  • Can we reset how we interact with our oceans to advance economic equity and social justice in harmony with nature?
  • What knowledge can we unlock from microscopic samples of chemical elements? What can they reveal about the earth’s formation, our current environment, and human social interaction?
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Hosted by

  • Prof. Gail C. Murphy – Vice-President, Research & Innovation
  • Prof. Gage Averill – Provost and Vice-President Academic pro tem for UBC Vancouver

Recorded May 2, 2022.