Examining anti-Blackness and anti-Black racism

Recent acts of racism, violence and injustice towards Black people have highlighted once again the deeply rooted structural and systemic racism that exists in Canada and around the world. While anti-Black racism may be conceived as the systems and structures that adversely impact Black people, anti-Blackness is usually conveyed by dominant cultural and ideological values that perpetuate stereotypes and generalizations of Black people, and which are nonetheless foundational of contemporary institutions, culture and social arrangements.

Listen to the experiences of alumni in different fields as they provide their insight on how anti-Blackness and anti-Black racism manifest in our culture and society, as well as how that drives their own lives and the work that they do in the Vancouver and Okanagan communities. Learn from and reflect on the lived experiences shared in this conversation and examine the active role that we each need to play in dismantling oppressive systems and practices.

Presented in partnership with the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office.

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Dr. Sara Ghebremusse – Assistant Professor, Peter A. Allard School of Law


Trophy Ewila, BA’20 – Co-Founder, Africa Ubuntu Association

Lady Dia, BA’20 – Co-Founder, Africa Ubuntu Association

Oludolapo Makinde, LLM’19 – Ph.D. Student, University of British Columbia

Denise Ryner, MA’14 – Director/Curator, Or Gallery


Recorded June 3, 2021.