Spring 2023

Black and white illustrations representing three questions in the quiz
In addition to book lending libraries, the UBC Vancouver campus also has a:
The UBC skatepark:
The sororities at UBC conduct the largest and most successful recruitment in all of Canada. How many women joined last year?
Which unusual competitive sports team does UBC have?
Before the name “Thunderbirds” was chosen, UBC sports teams were going to be called:


Headshot of Jordan MacKenzie
Jordan MacKenzie’s team has created a bio-based alternative to single-use plastic.
Photos of all six interviewees
Six UBC experts share their perspectives.
Elizabeth Denham standing in an office with her arms crossed
As AI permeates our lives, Elizabeth Denham has made data security a priority.
Dr. Bonnie Henry

Kindness is her superpower, shoes are her weakness.

A black and white photo of the Arts County Fair
Thousands of students + hundreds of kegs of beer = many, many porta potties
Dr. Kalina Christoff sitting down with a background showing some daydream-themed illustrations
It’s time to put down your phone and let your mind wander.
Illustration of the upper half of the human body, with colourful diagrams showing brain and the stomach
The human gut contains more nerve cells than the spinal cord and exerts influence on the brain.
Tanya Bennet, a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, uses a pipet while working on the development of an in vitro model of the injured spinal cord
Serious disorders affecting the brain and nervous system can be complex to treat.