Pranks, punks, and prizes

1. How many students have graduated from the Okanagan campus since it opened 15 years ago?

A) More than 6,000
B) More than 13,000
C) More than 19,000
D) More than 28,000


2. Which term was coined by sci-fi writer and UBC alum William Gibson, BA’77?

A) Steampunk 
B) Cyberspace 
C) Internet 
D) Ipad

3. “Free love comes to campus” is a newspaper headline from...

A) 1928 (when the UBC Social Sciences Club organized a controversial debate about birth control)
B) 1968 (when UBC students skinny-dipped in the faculty club pool)
C) 1969 (when a Woodstock-esque concert took place on the Main Library lawn)
D) 1967 (when UBC students started living on “Love Street” in Kitsilano)


4. When did the UBC Thunderbirds football team first win the prestigious Vanier Cup?

A) 1962 
B) 1972 
C) 1982
D) 1992

5. On April 1, 2019, a senior UBC official announced…

A) that an annual jousting match was set to take place between students from UBC and SFU
B) that classes about 16th century English Literature would be replaced with classes about 20th century American sitcoms
C) that a new satellite UBC campus was set to open in Hawaii in 2021
D) that the position of president of the university would henceforth be passed down hereditarily

1: C. UBC Okanagan now has 19,028 alumni.

2: B. Cyberspace

Although he was a central figure in the cyberpunk literary movement, Gibson didn’t coin that term.

3: A.

In a 1980s booklet of student memories, Samuel Leonard Simpson, BA’28, recalls his membership in a little-known Social Sciences club that caused a major fuss with its debate on birth control. “Big headlines hit the front pages of both city papers,” he claimed. “FREE LOVE COMES TO CAMPUS and much more of the same.”

4: C.

TSN commentators said it was the best team in Canadian history

5: C. Hawaii campus

President Santa Ono posted the April Fools’ joke on his Twitter account last year. He also promised that faculty, staff, and students moving to Hawaii would be given free sunscreen.