Words written on two hands held in the air at protest
One underappreciated impact of global heating is its influence on language itself.
AI image of woman wearing VR goggles with images swirling around head
A first-of-its-kind study that links aversion to AI art with speciesism and anthropocentrism.
Two students in a class building
UBC’s School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture (SALA) co-leads exhibit highlighting
Man walks in front of screen and behind Google logo
Recent events have marked a powerful inflection point in Canadian journalism.
Indigenous grads in cap and gowns seated at graduation ceremony
Nsyilxcn Language Fluency students embraced the opportunity of a lifetime.
Robot reading book in front of chalkboard
Rather than fearing AI, some UBC professors integrating it into their courses.
Wide-angle shot of the main exhibit space at the Chinatown Storytelling Centre
A new space in Vancouver’s Chinatown is enabling inclusive — and transformative — storytelling.
A UBC student waters a garden outside the Museum of Vancouver on a sunny day
How UBC ACRE is centering the voices, experiences, and expertise of Asian Canadian communities.
Speaker Dr. Azim Shariff stands on stage before audience in front of a TED sign
People attach moral value to hard work — Dr. Azim Shariff calls it “effort moralization.”
Hogwarts Legacy game displayed on smartphone beside game controller
Online debates arose about anti-Semitic imagery and content in this Harry Potter game.
Silhouettes of two men with toddler in front of sunrise
The emerging image of North American gay dads as white, affluent men is inaccurate.
Woman in hat and coat turned sideways smiles on steps in black-and-white photo
Winnifred Eaton was the first Asian and first woman to head a Hollywood script department.
Children sitting on floor in classroom, with some holding their hands up
This study points out that previous research only considered the education of fathers.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with King Charles
As long as our colonial tie is retained, Canada’s head of state cannot be a Canadian.
The back of a human and a hologram of a robot, with both staring at a screen with projected text

A UBC psychology professor finds out the hard way.

Illustration of a purple magnifying glass against a purple book
A new study by a UBC prof examines the power of language history for language learners.
a collage showing a can of tomato sauce being poured over a landscape on Mars

Two food security experts explore how the first Mars colonists might feed themselves.

Black girl browsing through books on shelves
Two professors discuss how language impacts the development of stereotypes.
African women in shawls carrying empty containers queue up in desert
Poverty and inequality have resulted in unequal access to the Earth’s bounty.
Human left hand beside a robotic right hand
AI–generated text will soon be indistinguishable from that written by a person.