Spring 2021

Dr. Peter Cullis smiling, in a lab.
The most widely used COVID vaccine relies on a novel drug delivery system developed at UBC.
Illustration of hands sewing amidst blobs of colour in the background.
The pandemic has spawned a sewing surge and a chance to rediscover the practical arts.
Illustration of audience of people looking around at each other.

A welcoming and inclusive workplace requires a willingness to change the status quo.

A group of students sit on the grass under the shade of a tree.
Test your UBC knowledge with this fun quiz!
Headshot of Kunal Sethi posing with arms crossed.
Kunal Sethi’s startup UVX aims to clean hospitals and care homes with a safe form of UV light.
UBC men's senior basketball team posing for a photo in 1933.
1930s student administration treated him unfairly, but Louis Chodat claimed the moral victory.
Headshot of Eden Robinson.

Avid reader, would-be weaver.

A colourful drawing of two hearts, looking at each other and sprouting flowers.
Take a look at these UBC-grown medical marvels.
A colourful drawing of microbes.
Many “non-communicable” diseases may be transmitted through microbes in the human body.