A man in a field

Championing climate-resilient BC winemaking

Learn how innovation and research can ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for BC wine.
Headshot of Dr. Kalina Christoff smiling against a dark background

Tapping into daydreaming

Learn how unplugging can build healthier brains and benefit our overall wellbeing.

Photo of parents sitting on a couch watching their children

TELUS Wise Happiness Workshop: Healthy digital lives

How you can ensure your own resiliency and wellbeing in our increasingly connected world.

Two kids playing on a cellphone and ipad.

Connecting online safely

Learn how youths can develop healthier approaches to social media, cyberbullying and more.

Photo of Dr. Elizabeth Dunn on a stage with a red background

Make more happiness

Learn how your everyday choices about time, money, and technology can cultivate happiness.

Little girl sitting in front of a computor

Preventing online harm

This webinar covers cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, and other online threats.

A group of five people cooking together in a kitchen.

alumNIGHTS: Simplifying holiday hosting

Learn how to streamline your party duties this season so you can focus on what matters most.

Two girls holding hands up to the sun.

Happier cities: What’s the secret?

UBC experts discuss their research on how to cultivate happiness in urban environments.

A city street with the sun shining through

Making cities equitable and inclusive

Experts discuss fixes for the social and economic problems that come with growing cities.

A young woman supporting an elderly woman as she walks in the neighbourhood. The later is using a walker.

What is the cost of care?

UBC experts discuss the reality of care in our society and how to improve the system.

Three glasses containing red wine, white wine, and rose. Glasses are tilted with wine splashing out.

Okanagan Wine and Art: Homecoming Edition

Four Okanagan wineries lead wine tastings and discuss their way of integrating art and wine.

Photo of glazed salmon against a yellow and blue background.

Culinary adventures with The Lazy Gourmet’s Susan Mendelson

A step-by-step masterclass in preparing a gourmet meal, from a UBC alum.