Indoor shot of six students sitting on tiered benches


Most of today's university undergraduates were born in the 2000s. Like every generation before them, their formative years are being influenced by a distinct set of social conditions, significant events, opportunities, and challenges. What's it like to be a student today? What do Gen Z want from university? And how are universities helping them prepare for their (and our) futures?

Three side-by-side portraits of Gen Z members
What you need to know about working with the future third of the global workforce.
Four Gen Z members talking around a table, with one person sitting on the table.
Learn how to work effectively with Gen Z and build a thriving multigenerational workplace.
AMS president Esmé Decker (front, centre) and other students in the students building, affectionately known as the Nest.
Today's students are leaving their mark on campus.
Three UBC students standing and smiling
Gen Zers are more inclined than past generations to establish their own ventures.
Graphic illustration depicting a student standing within a large bookshelf
Anxiety and depression are widespread among students. Supporting mental health is a priority.
Graphic illustration depicting a person speaking at a lectern
Today’s students are active participants in their own education.
A colourful graphic illustration representing a learning renaissance in modern education
Potent new technologies are redefining education.
Bodhi Patil
These UBC students are shaping a better world.