Build the future with Gen Z

Which generation will most significantly impact our future? Anticipated to make up about a third of the global workforce, Gen Z is poised to redefine how we work, shop, and consume; shape public policy; and more.

In this follow-up webinar to "Empower Gen Z in the workplace," gain insight into how to engage, influence, and collaborate with the next generational wave. Hear from a panel of Gen Z UBC students and alumni who share their views and experiences about their cohort’s values and aspirations, approaches to work, communication styles, environmental and climate concerns, and more.

This event is part of UBC Magazine’s SPOTLIGHT on Gen Z at University

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Baneet Braich (she/her) — Multiplatform Journalist, CBC News Vancouver


Anjali Menon (she/her) — Co-founder, MEDIC Foundation; Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Engineering) student, UBC

Kimia Nozadi, BSc(Food Nutr)'20 (she/her) — Associate, Boyden (Canada); Faculty of Law student, University of Alberta

Bodhi Patil (he/him) — Founder and CEO, InnerLight; Co-founder, Sea Dragon Studios; Bachelor and Master of Management student, UBC

Recorded April 3, 2024.