Illustration of the upper half of the human body, with colourful diagrams showing brain and the stomach
The human gut contains more nerve cells than the spinal cord and exerts influence on the brain.
Tanya Bennet, a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, uses a pipet while working on the development of an in vitro model of the injured spinal cord
Serious disorders affecting the brain and nervous system can be complex to treat.
Professor Guangyu Wang standing in a forest, looking up at the trees
Connecting with nature, particularly in forests, can benefit our mental and physical health.
Illustration of a baby crawling, with symbols representing DNA and genes by the baby's brain

Unravelling the mysteries of gene expression in early brain development.

A mushroom
UBC’s Dr. Mary Berbee discusses how to find edible mushrooms — and avoid poisonous ones.
Diver underwater
Dr. Phil Ainslie and his team dive into research related to human performance and survival.
Dr. Yasmine Abdin (right) and her collaborators in lab wear at UBC.
A new process developed at UBC to make lightweight electric cars is steering closer to reality.
Blue star with dark and light sides
A two-faced star has been identified by astronomers in a first for its kind.
Dr. Mohammad Arjmand in a lab
A UBCO prof and his team are exploring solutions to the world’s obsession with plastics.
Two scientists in lab coats look at machine with large tubes
“Think Brita filter, but a thousand times better.”
Illustration of plants and animals on land and underwater
A survey of body sizes of all Earth’s living organisms uncovered an unexpected pattern.
Woman holding her hand up to a holographic brain
Research from the UBC Faculty of Medicine could stop the disease in its tracks.
One large whale, with one small whale, swimming in ocean
Propeller noise accounts for much of the underwater acoustic barrage from ships.
Dr. Jimena Perez-Vargas working in a lab
This discovery paves the way for new medicines for COVID-19 variants.
Headshot of Robin Young smiling in a pink blouse.
Dr. Robin Young looks at cell biology through a lens of ethics, diversity, and inclusion.
Two cars drive along highway winding through mountainous forest
An increasing amount of microplastics are ending up in lakes and streams.
grain silos in yellow canola fields

A complex problem in need of a complex solution. It’s going to be tough, says UBC prof.

an illustration of an astronaut in space, surrounded by food

A UBC prof tackles the challenge of adequate nutrition for astronauts.

a collage showing a can of tomato sauce being poured over a landscape on Mars

Two food security experts explore how the first Mars colonists might feed themselves.

a photo of various fruits and vegetables

Diet and health are closely linked, but how does nutrition affect specific diseases?