Fall 2020

On-scene care saves more lives than transporting cardiac arrest patients to hospital

The Research: 

Dr. Brian Grunau of UBC’s department of Emergency Medicine led a study to...

Photo: Robin Naidoo

The Research: 

Forestry professor Cole Burton and Robin Naidoo, adjunct professor at the...


The Research: 

Civil engineering professor Tarek Sayed explored how the size of road markings...

Andrea Bang

Lifelong learner, tea-worshipper, slayer of chairs.

Illustration: Federico Gastaldi
In a post-COVID world, UBC legal research may help explore a once-unexamined Canada-US border.
Illustration by Gracia Lam
Danny Ramadan, MFA’20, is an award-winning novelist, speaker, and LGBTQ-refugee activist.
Illustration: Fernando Volken Togni
UBC’s Global Reporting Centre steps away from typical "parachute journalism" to empower locals.
Illustration: Margie and the Moon
Implementing ecosystem-based principles may make it easier to co-exist with rats.
Photo: Darren Hull

Chief Christopher Derickson is strengthening the foundations of self-governance