In Memoriam

Judith Mackintosh, BA'55
Judith Mackintosh, BA'55

1933 – 2023

In her 90th year, Judy passed away peacefully and quietly in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 13, 2023, with her son and granddaughter by her side, holding her hands. 

Judy had a full and fruitful life. She was born during the Depression and grew up in a bungalow on Mathers Avenue in West Vancouver. The family had an icebox on the back porch, and, during the war, when household staples were rationed, Judy remembered her mother being happy to receive a pound of sugar and a block of butter as Christmas presents.

Judy graduated from UBC in 1955 and went to work at BC Hydro. In 1959, she took part in the first Canadian University Services Overseas (CUSO) project in Accra, Ghana. Judy worked as a volunteer for 18 months, travelling around the world on this trip, with stops in Rome, New Delhi, and Seoul.

In 1964, she married Murray Fraser Mackintosh. They drove his brand-new Corvair convertible from Vancouver to Calgary, enjoying their honeymoon at Harrison Hot Springs and Emerald Lake Lodge in the Rockies.

Judy had two boys: Lachie in 1966 and Laird in 1968. They moved to Scotland Street in Scarboro (Calgary). Judy made a beautiful, warm, and welcoming home where she hosted many dear friends and family over the next 42 years.

In addition to her family life, Judy’s most important work was as a Christian Science Practitioner. She began this healing vocation in the early 1970s and continued through 2018, when she retired. She held various positions in the Christian Science Church and often travelled to Toronto and Boston. She was a deeply spiritual person, yet also completely down to earth and practical, with a lifelong love for a good cup of coffee and a good sense of humour. At a party Mom hosted a few years ago, a friend said, “This coffee is delicious, what is it?” And Mom replied, “Kick Ass.”

Judy is survived by her two sons: Lachlan (Banff) and his children, Andy and Ariel; and Laird (New York) and his wife, Polly.