2022 alumni UBC Achievement Awards Recipients

On November 14, 2022, we honoured seven inspiring members of the UBC community.

UBC alumni are committed to an exceptional UBC and a better world. This November, at the annual alumni UBC Achievement Awards, presented by Boyden, we honoured seven inspiring members of the UBC community who, through their extraordinary endeavours, have demonstrated this vision.

Congratulations to this year's recipients!

alumni award of distinction

Dr. Pieter R. Cullis, OC, BSc’67, MSc’70, PhD’72

Dr. Pieter Cullis is an international leader in developing and applying lipid nanoparticle drug delivery systems to treat breast cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia, rare genetic diseases, and more. He earned international acclaim for his revolutionary work that made the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines possible.

Global Citizenship Award

Emma Houiellebecq, BASc’13

As an engineer working in international development and humanitarian sectors across Africa and the Middle East, Emma Houiellebecq has helped find innovative ways to bolster infrastructure and services in urban locales that are facing armed conflict, climate risks, and environmental degradation.

Faculty Community Service Award

Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin, MD’79

Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin is a renowned researcher, physician, and advocate for individuals in prison, both during their incarceration and after release. She has helped to improve the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of these individuals and their families.

Honorary Alumni Award

Elaine A. Carty, CM, OBC, BN, MSN, CNM

Nurse and midwife Elaine Carty helped introduce midwifery into the Canadian health care system and spent 50 years lobbying for its recognition. She is a courageous advocate for women’s health and a pioneering practitioner and researcher.

Volunteer Leadership Award

Dr. Rosalin M. Miles, MHK’98

Dr. Rosalin Miles of the Lytton First Nation is committed to the promotion of physical activity within Indigenous communities. Her numerous volunteer activities include founding and directing the Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle and strength coaching the UBC women’s soccer team.

Research and Innovation Award

Dr. John L. Spouge, BSc’75, MD’79

Dr. John Spouge’s special interest is formulating and solving difficult mathematical problems that have important biological applications. His contributions range from the evaluation of potential AIDS therapies to his participation in the cataloguing of all plant species across the planet.

Young Alumni Award

Kendra Alexia Louise Hefti-Rossier, BA’10

Kendra Hefti-Rossier co-founded Deloitte Canada’s Blockchain Tax practice, co-led the first government digital bank underpinned by blockchain, and was the youngest person to join a Nasdaq board in the field of blockchain. She is executive chair of the Abed Group.

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