Cultivating safe and supportive workplaces

Have you thought about what it would look and feel like if you were not just physically safe at work but psychologically safe, too? What elements need to be in place to create an environment where you feel that you could be your true self, where you didn’t have to “mask or downplay” elements of who you are? What about speaking up about things that matter or having those hard conversations — do you feel that you can do that without fear that it will somehow negatively impact your career? If you lead a team, how do you think they might answer these questions?

Most of us understand the importance of being physically safe at work but fewer people have had the opportunity to explore how a proactive approach and ongoing commitment to psychological health safety is a key component of healthy and inclusive workplace cultures. Watch this webinar, led by human resources professionals Kristin Bower and Annika Lofstrand (BA’92), to learn more.

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In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of psychological health and safety, an often misunderstood term
  • Learn about the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety, and the 13 psychosocial factors in the workplace
  • Explore how to have psychologically safe conversations
  • Gain practical and simple tips and tools that can be applied in the workplace immediately

Recorded June 22, 2021.