Harmonize your work identities

With shifting labour markets, gig economies, and other factors, many of us now have multiple or multifaceted work identities. But instead of keeping our various selves separate, can we use creativity to synthesize and integrate them in our workplaces? Both as a higher education experiential advisor and in her hip-hop, rap, and soul artist-performer identity “Missy D,” Diane (Dee) Mutabaruka will show you how to creatively use your identities in different spaces and power up your communication skills. Watch this innovative webinar to learn how you can reshape your career!

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Diane (Dee) MutabarukaBSc’15 (she/her/hers) — UBC MCF Experiential Learning Advisor

Missy D (she/her/hers) — Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul Artist (IG: @missydmusic)


Rob Kim, BSc’98, BEd’00, MET’08 (he/him/his) — Manager, Alumni Career Education, alumni UBC

Recorded January 17, 2024.