Navigating imposter syndrome as a newbie

In this alumni UBC x Scholars Community webinar, four UBC alumni from various backgrounds and careers share their experiences with navigating imposter syndrome. Whether you’re a university student or a recent graduate, this webinar will offer practical and relatable advice on how to recognize and deal with imposter syndrome when it arises, whether in your academic or career journey.

Watch this webinar and be reassured: imposter syndrome is a common experience, especially when you’re kickstarting your career, and there are things you can do to both manage the feeling and learn from it.

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Lara Albahadeli – 2nd year Arts student and DAE Ambassador

Sarthak Tyagi – 1st year Applied Science student and DAE Ambassador


Alex Remtulla, BA’16 (he/him) – Senior Market Manager, TELUS

Andrea Freeman, MLIS’06 (she/her) - Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator, Andrea Freeman Coaching & Consulting

Tiffany Lee, BA’21, MM’21 (she/her) - Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Specialist, Ministry of Education and Child Care

Vicky Tran, BA’04, MA (she/her) - Digital Editor of UBC Magazine, alumni UBC

Recorded March 23, 2023.