Fostering resilient forests

Forests can slow down climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. But how can we support forests as climate warming and wildfires continue to intensify? An internationally renowned UBC forest ecology professor is searching for the answer. And she needs our help. Forest expert Dr. Suzanne Simard (BSF’83) has been unlocking the secrets of how trees communicate and interact with each other, and she’s leading the testing of forest renewal practices. She’s also launching the Mother Tree Network, a community of people working to support forest health. Watch this webinar to learn about natural solutions for ensuring a healthy future for our forests and ourselves, and how we can take part.

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Johanna Wagstaffe (she/her) – Meteorologist, CBC Vancouver News


Dr. Suzanne Simard, BSF’83 (she/her/hers) – Professor of Forest Ecology, Faculty of Forestry, UBC

Recorded April 11, 2023.