Forge ahead through career uncertainty

Trying to chart a successful career path these days can feel like navigating your way through a thick fog. From shifting labour market dynamics and economic volatility to sociopolitical tension and disruptive technologies, there are near-limitless factors that can muddle our sense of direction. So how can we intentionally make progress in our careers despite all of this? And how can we achieve work-life harmony in an increasingly unpredictable world?

Watch this webinar, led by UBC alumni Mark McCoy (BCom'06) and Cole Nakatani (BCom'11), to learn how you can practically apply the principles of complexity theory to your unique situation and discover actionable steps for how you can move forward in your career with a sense of confidence, ease, and curiosity. 

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  • Mark McCoy, BCom’06 — Entrepreneur, consultant, coach
  • Cole Nakatani, BCom’11 — Trainer, coach, entrepreneur, educator


Recorded September 28, 2023.