Cultivating workplace belonging

Despite some social progress in workplaces, many Indigenous, Black, and People of Color (IBPOC) still feel guarded and withheld from their leadership aspirations. “I don’t feel I belong or have a voice here” is a statement often felt but rarely expressed out loud. Speaking up when psychological safety isn’t in place can have a severe impact on communication, career progression, mental health, and more for IBPOC.

This webinar, led by UBC alum Indy Batth (BPE’87, MA'98), centres the voices and experiences of IBPOC as they navigate systemic oppression in the workplace. You'll learn a four-step framework and strategies to address inequitable practices to help create belonging for IBPOC.

Did you graduate from UBC?

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build awareness of how IBPOC experience racial oppression in the workplace
  • Analyze why racial oppression is happening
  • Identify steps to disrupt oppressive practices


Recorded February 1, 2022.