Nerve: Lessons on leadership from two women who went first

UBC alumni Martha Piper (OC, OBC, LLD’07) and Indira Samarasekera (OC, PhD’80, LLD’06) have held a range of leadership positions in both the private and public sectors, from directors of some of Canada’s largest market cap companies, to presidents of two of Canada’s largest and most respected research universities. They knew these career journeys might not be easy, but they still embraced the opportunities that came their way, and had the nerve to lead.

In their new book, Nerve: Lessons on leadership from two women who went first, they share the paths that led to where they are today, the personal and professional experiences that shaped them as leaders, and what they’ve learned through their journeys.

For UBC Homecoming 2021, they came together for a virtual conversation, moderated by The Right Honourable Kim Campbell (PC, CC, OBC, QC, BA’69, LLB’83, LLD’00), that will inspire those at any stage in their career. Whether you are in your early days of charting your path, in the midst of your career journey, or moving on from leadership positions to the next stage in your life, this is not a conversation to miss.

Did you graduate from UBC?

Enjoy this intimate discussion with two influential and inspiring leaders as they share their career experiences, hard-won advice and inspirational achievements through readings from their new book and candid conversations with budding and established leaders.

Recorded September 18, 2021, as part of UBC Homecoming presented by RBC.