Making a switch: Overcoming barriers to change

In the late summer, while many organizations prepared to re-open their office doors to employees, the COVID-19 Delta variant had other plans. We found ourselves needing to pivot yet again just when we thought things would be returning to normal. But what if this is already the new normal?

Even before the pandemic, workplaces had been struggling with change fatigue and burnout due to rapid technological change, increased competition, and shifting customer expectations, to name a few. Meanwhile, our personal lives have offered no safe haven from the demands of work with uncertainty looming in every choice made about our home, community, family, and personal wellbeing. Our world is rapidly changing, and there’s no signs of it slowing down, so how can we equip ourselves for this new norm of constant change?

To navigate the constant change around you, you need to start thinking and acting differently. You need to make a switch. Watching this webcast can help.

Did you graduate from UBC?

In this webcast, hosted by organizational development and change leader Becky Querido, you will:

  • Learn why change anxiety and burnout are so rampant today in the workplace and why change is so hard
  • Explore some of the neurological reasons for why you find yourself fatigued at the end of a work day, frustrated when your colleagues resist a rational positive change, or ashamed when you abandon that new exercise program only weeks into it
  • Reflect on ways that you can start to switch your thinking and actions to break through the barriers to change

Recorded October 21, 2021.