How to build workplace trust and communication for healthy teams

You’ve developed a diverse and inclusive team at work. So why are people withholding their ideas and expertise, avoiding engagement or — worse yet — not sharing information with the group?

In this webinar, led by organizational health expert Meg Mittelstedt (MJ'14), you’ll learn how building healthy conflict can rectify these issues. You’ll also discover how trust and communication can cultivate a workplace culture where all ideas — even thorny topics or difficult conversations — are debated while ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. And you’ll find out why building trust is a must for commitment, accountability, and results.

Did you graduate from UBC?

This session will give you practical insights that you can apply right away. What’s more, you’ll acquire resources and tools to delve deeper into these concepts with your team.

Specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand factors causing trust breakdown within teams, particularly during the realities of virtual work.
  • Evaluate the functioning of current teams at work.
  • Learn how to identify the difference between “smart” and “healthy” teams.

Recorded December 2, 2021.