UBC Connects with Isabel Allende

The Alchemy of Truth: The power of story to change the world.

In this era of #metoo, #timesup, #letstalk and #blacklivesmatter, story-telling -- individually and collectively -- matters more than ever.

In this talk, famed novelist Isabel Allende unpacks the power of story to, as she says, “make the world good -- not just better.” An unrepentant feminist who exhorts audiences to speak with passion and purpose about what must not be forgotten, Allende explores themes of social justice, female empowerment, and personal and political freedom with hope and good humour.
(Recorded November 20, 2018, at The Vancouver Playhouse in Vancouver, BC.)

UBC Connects is presented by UBC President Santa J. Ono, in partnership with alumni UBC. The UBC Connects series is made possible with the generous support of the R & J Stern Family Foundation. This recording was produced by UBC and originally released on the UBC Connects series website.