Experience UBC in Virtual Reality

Rediscover UBC's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses with this unique VR tour.

Distance is no object to rediscovering UBC’s campuses. Thanks to some high-tech magic, you can visit your old haunts and check out what’s new at UBC – all from the comfort of your own living room.

This virtual tour will give you a drone’s-eye view of campus and take you to familiar places, such the Rose Garden, the Library, and Thunderbird Stadium. You’ll come across reminders of the traditions that make UBC awesome -- including Day of the Longboat and Homecoming -- along with 360° videos that allow you to look around places like the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre almost as if you’re there in the flesh, or to immerse yourself in UBC traditions, such as Create (student orientation) on the Okanagan campus.

You won’t be able to smell the roses in the Rose Garden, but you can admire the view -- and perhaps feel inspired to come back and visit in person.

Join the tour at alumni.ubc.ca
Best viewed on a mobile device.

This experience was built in partnership with UBC Studios and Ydreams Global.