Sustainable solutions for a healthy planet

Experts discuss industry trends and how we can promote a more robust circular bioeconomy.
Dr. Nika Shakiba smiling against a yellow background.

Using cells to improve health

Learn about the promising future of cell therapies, regenerative medicine, and our health.

Headshots of new UBC professors.

Research horizons: What now, what next?

UBC's University Killam Professors share their research on sustainability, literacy and more.

Photo of the Salish sea and rocks.

The Salish Sea in a warming world: What might the future hold?

UBC experts discuss how warming temperatures affect marine life and oceans like the Salish Sea.

Photo of a masked crowd.

The fight against COVID-19: Notes from the scientific frontline in Hong Kong

Microbiologist Dr. Jasper Chan discusses his observations on the city’s COVID-19 successes.

Photo of insulin against a blue background.

MEDTalks: Unlocking diabetes 100 years after insulin

UBC experts discuss patient treatments, new health technology and efforts to end this illness.